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1. So pretty much everyone who walked out of today's standardized testing room thought they failed, including me. Statistically, 30% of us will be right, but 100% of us won't know until January. I'm going to view this as three months in which I don't have to study [this stuff], no matter how it turns out. But, man. $1500 for a standardized test, and we had to bring out own pencils.

2. This also means I have no excuse to find a more permanent place to live, that isn't my cousin's spare bedroom.

3. I discovered that if you broil meat on a broiling pan with broiling rack, it gets a nice seared crispy, er, crispiness. What can I say; in my world, meat is for stirfrying and baking is for brownies. Unless, as recently happened, the handle shears off the frying pan. (Alas, my friend. You were pretty good for a $10 frying pan from Target. You were a paragon of frying pans. You were ... nonstick.)

4. Unfortunately, I didn't discover this until I cooked my cousin pork chops without using a rack. Shucks.

5. I don't think I'm supposed to use the rack for brownies, though. Those were coming out pretty well without one. But then, why do baking racks exists?

6. Also in my defense, I did actually cook in grad school (baked chickens and everything), but still I was unaware of this whole rack concept. Actually, it explains a lot.

7. In the roughly 5,000,000 minutes I have spent staring into space whilst (haha, I've never used "whilst" before. It's kind of fun to say. Whilst whilst whilst.) theoretically studying, I have reached absolutely zero opinions about:

- Barack Obama winning the Nobel Prize.
- What to do with this theoretical free time which have been spending studying (well, until I find out if I have to spend it studying again, and isn't that exactly the kind of confusing parenthetical one would expect of someone who spent eight solid hours huffing a standardized test booklet and scantron form).
- health care reform.

On the other hand, I have decided:
- I miss Chicago. Not all the time, but I'll be thinking, e.g., what to eat and it will hit me that I can't go to the dirt-cheap but awesome sushi place anymore. It is not two blocks away, it is two days' drive. The Shedd Aquarium? Two days drive. The squinty CPL librarians who patiently checked out my holds when I was comatose post call? Two days ... oh, you get the picture.
- Pride and Prejudice with zombies? Must read (as soon as comes in at the library).
- I still think this broiling rack thing is pretty neat.

8. Is there a fannish thing I should check out, if there's time?

9. The Amazing Race! Yeah, baby. It's back.

10. Whoops. Apparently, my free time ... not quite so free. Off to read NEJM article for tomorrow morning.

11. Incidentally, JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) usually has a least one poem per issue. Unfortunately, you need a subscription to read past the first 150 words but if you find something really good, I can hook you up.

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