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Attn: flist. You have created a monster. No, wait, I did that myself.

So, erm, remember how after seeing "Wicked" I blithely promised I wouldn't be listening to cast recordings or seeing other musicals? Well, that was a complete untruth. Borrowed the "Wicked" cast recording from the library and have refused to give it back, and went and saw the tour version of "Rent" with the partner in crime who went with me to see "Wicked."

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For the record: "Oklahama!" (recording): still boring!
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Apologies in advance. I felt this momentous event had to be recorded.

All right, it is neither a momentous event nor my first musical. Some backstory: my aversion of musicals dates back to the 9th grade, where I was one of 3 violin players in the entire high school and thereby drafted to play in the band (they really called it the band) for the HS production of Oklahoma. For reasons which escape me, after lots of rehearsals the strings did not make into the production and instead we got to erase pencil marks from all the rental music before the scores were returned. Also, I think we saw Miss Saigon, but we were seated (I kid you not) behind the big pillar behind which HS groups are apparently seated, and to this day I still do not know what people are talking about when they ask me about the helicopter which (I hear) lands on the stage, or such trivial things as what the show was about.

At any rate, I have never really understood (sorry) the allure of the show tune, and phenomena such as Rent and the Lion King (that is a musical right?) pretty much passed me by. However, my mom wanted to go see Wicked, so of course I ended up going to see the local version with ... well, a friend who was not my mom. On the plus side, we got discount tickets for about $20 which of course ended up being about $35 when you added on the Ticketmaster fees. However, despite my whining, I quite enjoyed it. My totally unqualified observations:

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- I really am quite enchanted with this whole musical concept. I can't say I'll start listening to cast albums or seeing Sweeney Todd anytime soon, but I may try this thing again if there's another sale.
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After a couple of months of not much use, I dusted off the old TV and just saw the Amazing Race 12 finale. Mild spoilers ahoy for the cautious or the uninterested:

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Returning our regular non-reality show, angst-filled, on-the-border-of-cancellation fandom: Jericho returns to TV next week. I admit a slight bitterness that the ONE save-a-show campaign I didn't join was of course the one that ACTUALLY WORKED, and of course I didn't see most of the last half of the season, but it seemed like a pretty promising show last year and I am looking forward to catching a couple of episodes when I can. Plus, it has Skeet Ulrich, who I would watch just for his part in the excellent but cancelled-way-too-soon Miracles.
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Happy New Year!

Considering that I am posting 2008 well-wishes on the 5th of January, I think it's pretty safe to characterize any resolution for timely posting as laughable.

So instead -- best wishes to everyone for 2008, and hope to see you around.


Dec. 17th, 2007 09:28 pm
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As often happens in these parts, we had snow on Sunday -- about 3-5 inches of fairly wet, fluffy stuff which quickly got grainy and hard in the 20F weather. Oddly enough, there wasn't much wind, so the snow is still sitting in thick, white, gravity-defying layers on sidewalks and tree branches and fenceposts.

I woke up at 3 AM on Sunday morning furious at my upstairs neighbor for running his vacuum really loudly at, well, 3 AM. Then I *really* woke up and realized the noise was actually snowblowers on the sidewalks. Oops. So much for my generosity and forgiveness.

In the evening after work, I walked to the bank (thank goodness for 24 hour ATMs, without which I would surely starve though probably have actual money in my account) enjoying the hush that fell upon the city with the snow. Enough salt trucks have been out to turn the gutters into pools of freezing gray slush, but if you look up far enough, you can see the warm glow of people's holiday lights, reflected into the sky by the snow.

I am sorry I haven't been able to keep up with other people's posts. But I'm glad I had a few minutes to enjoy the snow.
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I don't have anything in particular to say, except that I am alive. There is probably a deeper meaning inherent in that, which naturally eludes me at the moment.

Actually, I lied. Two things occur to me:

1. Hope everyone is well.

2. The Amazing Race is back! Actually it was back a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I have been able to watch.
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Sorry to have missed it, hope it was great!
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This fascinating analysis of Shakespeare's Othello was shamelessly lifted from IMDB regarding the 1995 film:

Basically in the old days of England, black people weren't liked that much and were mostly slaves, and Othello (The Matrix's Laurence Fishburne) was a black man who tried to possibly become hero or king, whichever, of Denmark. At the same time, with his villainous lying skills, the nasty bastard servant Iago (the very well cast Branagh) tried to become king himself, and get people against each other. There are some good bloody moments, and good acting, I suppose I would want to see this again for my own purposes.

I've always liked this play a lot, but clearly I have completely failed to appreciate its more subtle qualities. Maybe I should work on my villainous lying skills.
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Back from vacation -- actually a while ago, but, as is my nature, much time lag between actual events and posting. Not terribly exciting but I finally had the chance to catch up on sleep, family, TV, and books. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Random impressions on Doctor Who, Life on Mars, The Revenger's Tragedy, Elizabeth, and the historical fiction of Sharpn K. Penman:

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In other news, I have signed up for Netflix. Beware!
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Fandom. Yeah, I sort of remember that thing.

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In short: I love you, Who. But not Yoohoo, because that stuff is gross.
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I don't get to read the New York Times very often. (Shocking, I know.) This is yet another of the things I really regret about my chosen profession, because the writing never fails to make stop and think. Case in point, two articles:

(Registration required to view the articles, or email me, and I'll email you a copy.)

"Even as we’re forcing them out, it seems, the elephants are going out of their way to put us, the keepers, in an ever more discomfiting place, challenging us to preserve someplace for them, the ones who in many ways seem to regard the matter of life and death more devoutly than we."

One of my favorite sci-fi underpinnings is the question of alien first contact: if we found another form of life, what would it be like? This article, and the work behind it, suggests we'd do better to look closer to home, i.e. take off the black glasses of species superiority and recognize that the damage done to elephant minds and lives by human violence looks an awful lot like the damage done to human minds and lives by ... human violence.

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"In the end, when somebody gets to know Cam the soldier, Cam the citizen, they always take my side,” he said. “That’s where my triumph is. The hurt goes away."

As the child of immigrants, I've struggled with the question of what it means for me to be an American -- something that makes me proud, hopeful, cynical, and despairing, all at once. In this article, writer Andrea Elliott asks all these questions through the prism of a single man, a Kurdish immigrant and Army National Guard recruiting sergeant.

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Apologies to anyone who came by a couple of days ago and saw a lot of personal stuff. Three cheers for overeducation not teaching me to categorize correctly.

Also, apologies to anyone out there waiting for more Blake's 7. I have no idea where the Blake's 7 stuff went, just that it is here somewhere. Will try to get more out once I find the discs. I'm tempted to try the old trick of not looking for something, in order to find it.

In other random weirdness, I am thinking of taking up knitting, to try and do a scarf for a Halloween costume. This is not quite as crazy as it sounds since I distinctly remember learning to knit potholders in 2nd grade. It is still pretty crazy considering that all every I knitted were some funky potholders of no thermoprotective value whatsoever. (But the stitches, they were great.) Hey, can't let little things like lack of talent, knowledge, or preparation stop me.

Fly by

Aug. 8th, 2006 10:19 pm
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I would apologize for being off lj, but clearly people's lives have proceeded without me. It's like the world does not require me to operate. Weird.

I did try to catch up, but it's hard to think of anything to add to absolutely fascinating conversations that happened days (all right, weeks, edging into real live months) ago.

The Blake's 7 project (i.e. watching it) has stalled for now, and I find myself wanting to watch the new Doctor Who before I get back to it. (Not that I'm watching TV but if I did theoretically find an hour or so next month.) Up to this point, I couldn't comprehend why anyone would prefer 99% of the crap on TV to, for instance, Angel the Series. But now I'm finally getting that sometimes even crap is preferable to getting home and watching a show, however fantastically, where people suffer nobly and get their hopes crushed into itty bitty pieces of ... uh, hope. Because I don't know about the nobly, but frankly, I get enough of the crushing at work. I get that Avon is not-look-away-able, the dialogue is awesome, and the snark flows like Victoria Falls. But the idea that a bunch of fallible people are fighting a losing battle is a little too close to home right now.

This should be my cue to talk about the nobility of the human spirit and the courage of sick patients and their families. Which cannot, even in my limited experience, be understated. But while the Brian's Song remake was a crappy movie and Sean Maher not a terribly convincing football player (better at the dying, but I digress), it did get one thing right. I think most people don't need to get terminally ill to appreciate the things that matter.

Me personally -- I hope I don't, and if I should happen to forget, I can look at this and remember.
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Alas for the US team, even though they lost, like, a week ago. I'm slow with the news, I know. I would have loved to see them make it to the round of 16.

Two soccer (football, whatever)-related items of interest.

World Cup fan comes back from the dead

English fans drink all the beer in Germany

Just when I think nothing can surprise me.
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Internship. It has been 4 days, and I am so tired. 3 years to go. I really cannot see how. Sorry me no lj.

If I don't start shortening these reactions, I will never get through this series.

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Happy belated birthday, [livejournal.com profile] lunabee34! I apologize for the tardiness and hope you had a wonderful day. I hear tell that you have also embarked on the quest to watch Blake's 7. I wish you well, especially since I suspect you will actually finish way before I will.

On this end (or middle) of the same country, the moving is done, even if the unpacking isn't, and I am living in an actual high rise building in an actual city with an actual (of course!) lake view. This would be completely awesome if it weren't for a week of pre-residency training and orientation. OK, the resuscitation training (sort of CPR and First Aid 201) and meeting everyone -- kind of exciting. The knowledge that I will be on call! with real live patients! on Saturday -- a source of increasing anxiety. Be very, very afraid, and postpone all those elective surgeries a couple of months, okay?

In between the training sessions and rifling through boxes in search of forks, I have been watching the World Cup. (Blake's 7 to resume as soon as I find my discs.) Read more... )
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] randomways!

I realize that the reading base of this journal is probably not large enough to qualify for a cell phone plan, let alone meme-age. But ... well, I asked [livejournal.com profile] executrix to satisfy my curiosity, so now I'd like to offer the teeming hordes here (hah!) the same opportunity.

So, feel free ask me anything, even to shut up. Just please, don't ask me to help you move.
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At last, Blake's insurrection seems to have taken a turn for the more intelligent. (As Avon would say, perhaps there's hope for him yet.)

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1x05: The Web

I suppose it's inevitable that campy, low-budget sci-fi series produce, well, campy, low-budget sci-fi episodes, thereby leading to the inevitable questions of (1) how many cheesy costumes and special effects can be crammed into one episode, (2) if there's really an interesting episode underneath all the foam rubber, latex, and recycled plot ideas.

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Of course, if one brags about the restoration of one's high speed internet, one will immediately encounter ISP issues and the tragic demise of one's computer. Also, be offline for weeks. (I think referring to oneself in the third person is unconnected, but it's hard to be sure.)

So, whatever y'all have been up to, hope it's been good.

On the plus side, I've got hold of about 3/4 of Blakes 7 and am looking forward to many hours spent watching cheesy sci-fi. Posts to follow.


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