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At last, Blake's insurrection seems to have taken a turn for the more intelligent. (As Avon would say, perhaps there's hope for him yet.)

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1x05: The Web

I suppose it's inevitable that campy, low-budget sci-fi series produce, well, campy, low-budget sci-fi episodes, thereby leading to the inevitable questions of (1) how many cheesy costumes and special effects can be crammed into one episode, (2) if there's really an interesting episode underneath all the foam rubber, latex, and recycled plot ideas.

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This seems to be the first episode that's not part of the opening "miniseries," though it does see the introduction of the final crewmember, the kind of rebellion Blake has in mind, and Blake's ideas about the mathematics of a seven member crew with six people.

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Really, finally, it's the conclusion of the pilot episode. Blake, Jenna, and Avon collect Vila and Gan from Cygnus Alpha (which still only makes five people and one computer on the ship, but oh well), the crew discovers the communications/teleport bracelets (two plot devices in one!), and Blake finally declares their mission: to fight back against the Federation. (Precisely how will presumably be made clear over the rest of the series.)

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I'm not sure whether I should consider this the second half of a two hour pilot, or if the series itself is so heavily serialized that all of the episodes follow each other very closely. Either way, "Spacefall" picks up where the first episode left off, then brings the series to its apparent launching point. Which is to say, Blake finds his ship, plus enough people to constitute a majority of a seven-person crew. (Close enough for sci-fi or government work, I suppose.)

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So, I've seen the first few episodes of Blake's 7, and it's been ... interesting.

Having honed my prepubescent VCR programming skills on (dare I admit it) Doctor Who, I acquired a passing familiarity with the kind of British sci-fi to be found on PBS stations, usually late at night. So, I expect sets and props to look exactly like they're from the 70's, but with polygonal walls and rock quarries to indicate an alien planet. I figure everyone will have some variation of a British accent, and villains will be appropriately attired and sporadically chew scenery to sharpen their teeth. It's the genre.

As for my prior knowledge of Blake's 7: it has something to do with a spaceship and a guy who walks around in what appeared to be studded leather armor. The eponymous Blake does not actually appear in all the episodes but am unclear if he is the one in the armor (or if that's everyone). It has a reputation for being the show where everyone hates each other and made on a budget comparable to a high school theatrical production.

However, Blake's 7 also has a reputation as one of the most articulate and literary fandoms, well, ever, and for really excellent writing and characterization that changed perceptions of sci-fi drama. So, here I am. Spaceships, paper machie boulders, and leather armor. Bring it on, baby.

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