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Have just seen the first episode of Torchwood S3/Children of Earth. It did not disappoint. I reserve the right to change my mind some point where I am not completely lost to fannish glee, but for now ... GLEE! in capitals.

For anyone watching on the US schedule, I have no spoilers below except for new character names and guest actors, but just in case:

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Fine, my conscience has forced me to add: there may be flaws, but if the rest of episodes are this good, I'm probably going to have to resort to handing out DVD's on the street to shill this show. Just not, you know, season 1 DVD's.
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Some days I swear I have fallen into a black hole or time paradox or something, because the less I sleep, the faster the days go by. e.g. somehow I have not yet posted in 2009 and the end of residency is less than a month and a half away. So ... how's your life?

All of these concerns pale in comparison to a new and very worrisome problem: I have started watching Torchwood, and I am totally addicted. When the show first started a couple of years ago, I made it to episode 4 and gave up, but now I am partway through series 2 and will probably finish far, far too soon given my current level of sleep deprivation.  It is an odd experience being so sucked into the show. To say Torchwood season 1 is seriously flawed in places is sort of like me saying, perhaps I could use a bit more sleep, while nodding off if sitting down more than 5 minutes. But there are some absolutely brilliant moments, and by the end of the season, the writers must thrown away, or started taking, the good crack and turn out a couple damn good episodes.

I'm sort of embarrassed to like the show, because watching I can't help but think so much of this is crap. And then I get one of the erstwhile heroes  *smiling* before he headbutts a a creepy insane cannibal, and I realize it is hopeless. I have myself a new show.


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