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No time to post yesterday but how can I not say anything tonight? Torchwood season 3 / Children of Earth: Day Four. Spoilers through ep 4 and thoughts behind the cut.

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Massively spoilery Torchwood S3 Day Two thoughts:

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Have now seen all of Torchwood S1 and S2, just in time for the S3 miniseries which will air in Britain tomorrow. Not that I'm in Britain, but hey. Actually, I finished watching a couple of weeks ago fully anticipating being TV-less and internet-less for a while around the move.

I suppose the normal human (or fan) reaction to liking a show would be to pimp it to other people. I really can't bring myself to do that here, because I got turned off by the first season, first time around, and suspect you discerning genre viewers might as well. So instead, I will say: friends, neighbors, countrymen, and flist: start with season 2. I'm happy to enable.

As for some thoughts on season 1:

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I suppose if S1 were really all that bad, I never would have made it through the whole season, even the 2nd time around. And if it were all that good, I wouldn't be writing all this critique. Really, it falls in between: enough potential to get me invested, not enough living up to the potential, to keep me from going on and on about it. So in summary: start with season 2.


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