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Boy, has it been busy, but I did manage to watch the first half of Being Human Series 2. Here's the halftime report.

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Watching the second half of Being Human series 1, I have to admit, I steeled myself for disappointment. There are too many shows out there that started well and went nowhere. It seemed hard to believe that the show could finish the first series as strongly as it started.

You know what? It got even better.

I think what I liked most was the way the last three episodes managed to use the buildup of the first three, but then take things in slightly unexpected directions that were still true to the original characters. A few comments on the individual episodes may help me explain this. (Obviously, they contain spoilers for the episodes.)

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Overall, I liked the writing, acting, and development throughout the series. I think it really lived up to its premise, which can’t be said of very many shows, as an exploration of what it means to be human, even if supernaturally so.
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Taking a break from Spooks to watch Being Human series 1. I fully intended to post some brief Spooks episode reviews, but so far everything I've has been the opposite of brief (and also, finished). While all that was in progress, I came across a description of Being Human and though that the concept was screaming for a Spooks crossover where Lucas North moves into the flat while he's relearning what it is to be human. Also, the interlibrary loan system was astoundingly efficient and somehow bumped me to the top of the waiting list.

There are more flimsy excuses, but at this moment I'm hard pressed to think of one.

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