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Attn: flist. You have created a monster. No, wait, I did that myself.

So, erm, remember how after seeing "Wicked" I blithely promised I wouldn't be listening to cast recordings or seeing other musicals? Well, that was a complete untruth. Borrowed the "Wicked" cast recording from the library and have refused to give it back, and went and saw the tour version of "Rent" with the partner in crime who went with me to see "Wicked."

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For the record: "Oklahama!" (recording): still boring!
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Apologies in advance. I felt this momentous event had to be recorded.

All right, it is neither a momentous event nor my first musical. Some backstory: my aversion of musicals dates back to the 9th grade, where I was one of 3 violin players in the entire high school and thereby drafted to play in the band (they really called it the band) for the HS production of Oklahoma. For reasons which escape me, after lots of rehearsals the strings did not make into the production and instead we got to erase pencil marks from all the rental music before the scores were returned. Also, I think we saw Miss Saigon, but we were seated (I kid you not) behind the big pillar behind which HS groups are apparently seated, and to this day I still do not know what people are talking about when they ask me about the helicopter which (I hear) lands on the stage, or such trivial things as what the show was about.

At any rate, I have never really understood (sorry) the allure of the show tune, and phenomena such as Rent and the Lion King (that is a musical right?) pretty much passed me by. However, my mom wanted to go see Wicked, so of course I ended up going to see the local version with ... well, a friend who was not my mom. On the plus side, we got discount tickets for about $20 which of course ended up being about $35 when you added on the Ticketmaster fees. However, despite my whining, I quite enjoyed it. My totally unqualified observations:

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- I really am quite enchanted with this whole musical concept. I can't say I'll start listening to cast albums or seeing Sweeney Todd anytime soon, but I may try this thing again if there's another sale.


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