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2012-06-13 02:36 am
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"MI-5 don't do evil; just treachery, treason and armageddon."

It's small fandom month on [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, and some silly insane person is recommending for Spooks / MI-5 for the first time.

For posterity, here's a link to the fandom overview.

Oh, yeah, that silly person doing the recs is me. It's a strange process, because I wonder how anyone (i.e. me) can be any sort of authority on this fandom when I've only been in it for six months, and the only selection criteria was volunteering. So I worry about the usual sort of stuff, hoping that I haven't missed anything really spectacular and won't offend anyone by having completely missed their awesome work. There's a whole gigantic genre (Ruth/Harry stories) that I haven't read and to be honest will not be able to read this month. There are stories I love and won't rec, because I don't want to rec more than one story per author.

But, hey, there are bigger problems out there, and if just one new reader finds a story s/he likes, I'll feel like I've paid back something for all the stories I've found through [livejournal.com profile] crack_van. I mean well, really I do.

And if you're stopping by because of [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, hope you'll let me know any comments, suggestions, or story recs!
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2005-11-11 09:24 pm
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We Know Drama, and we cancel it: Firefly and Spooks (MI-5)

Lately I've had a lot of studying and writing to do, which is a surefire recipe for procrastination. Between Serenity and the new season of Spooks, I feel like I've been mainlining TV episodes for the better part of two weeks. While more legal than your standard narcotics, this is still not recommended as a method for improving productivity. However, it has gotten me to thinking about both shows. It's a little hard for me to figure out why I'm so taken with both right now (OK, avoidance of productivity, but let's pass over that) as I've always thought of myself as a serially monogamous fan (but let's pass over that as well). Both series have strongly devoted watchers but never achieved broad appeal in the US. I've been thinking about why this is.

Whereforeart thou Firefly (no Serenity spoilers) )

And on to Spooks/MI-5 (no spoilers) )

Overall, I think these two shows are pretty dissimilar in premise, but have great writing and performances. If I had to pick one I'd go with Firefly as I'm more attached to the characters, but fortunately I don't have to pick one! It's a shame that neither got the attention it deserved, but that won't stop me from enjoying both shows.